Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My friend Milawa - aka "The Mil", aka "Milly"

Just thought that I would introduce my friend Mil (and also practice posting pictures - which is a big deal for a Luddite like myself!). She is the friend that greets me at night with barks that translate to "where have you been?" and "I need a pat NOW!". She is the one I cuddle tight when I am sad or watching a scary movie. She is pretty diligent about her dog duties. I care for her very much. Currently she is lying on the floor panting - it is a really hot and dry 35 dec C day in Melbourne and she is not entirely happy having to deal with a fur coat. But I have promised her a walk down to the beach this evening and probably a swim too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a gruff and fiesty puppy! Does she like her outdoor bed much?

1:43 PM  

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