Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Addicted to knitted knitting bags!

Knitting bags are essential for keeping together all the bits and pieces associated with the projects that I have on the go.

What could be better than knitted ones?

The first bag that I knitted was based on a Rowan pattern (Magazine No 30) I made it bigger (both wider and taller) and I added in the rows of garter stitch to add interest. I used Cleckheaton's Merino Supreme (in green - col 2222) - a 12 ply (normally a single strand knits as 16st over 10cm) - which I used double stranded.

The second bag I knitted uses the French Market Bag pattern from knitty.com. It's a great pattern. I made it bigger again (knitting bags are never big enough). I used another 12 ply wool from Marta's Yarns in Melbourne, which felted beautifully. Marta dyes her own wool and her shops (one in Malvern, the other in Melbourne's CBD) are real aladdin's caves filled with all sorts of treasures.


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