Friday, December 30, 2005

knitting knitting knitting... and cooking and reading

It's hot, damn hot, very hot, disgustingly hot - yes it's hot - how hot... 37 deg C hot.

So no gardening possible, no outdoor activities possible at all.

I am sitting in a darkened house, curtains drawn, listening to the 'cricket on the radio' (ABC's jingle) on the ABC local radio

... and I am knitting. I have 4 projects on the go and at various states of completeness. All have reached points where they require a little bit of effort to progress - so today is the day!

Mohair Jumper - I'm making my own pattern with this one. The bottom edging comes from Nicki Epstein's 'Knitting on the Edge'. I am still not certain what if any edging I will do for the cuffs and neck - possibly a smaller triangle edging? I finished the back last night and now need to start the front by doing the bottom edging again - 9 'Sugar Drops'!

Teddy Bear All-in-One from the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino book - This has been sitting in my knitting bag for about a month untouched. I have to sew up the shoulders before I can continue with the hood. This morning I sewed up one shoulder - it took me about 5 mins once I got started! I just have to summons up enough discipline to do the second one this afternoon and then I can get going again. I am knitting this out of DB Wool Cotton instead of Baby Cashmerino - I haven't used this yarn before but it doesn't seem to knit as evenly as other yarns? I am not entirely happy with the fabric, but hoping that it might even out a bit with some gentle washing and blocking.

Raglan Jumper from the Debbie Bliss Baby Knits Book - I am using a blend of 4 strands of hand dyed 2ply merino from Marta's Yarns. It is knitting really well and I love the colours - if I press on I might even finish this today or tomorrow (this assumes that I won't get distracted!).

I am not going to talk about the pumpkin hat - I don't know whether to rip or press on? Not happy.

I was also rather pleased with myself last night - I walked down the beach and had a swim with The Mil - and then came home and managed to make the Quiche Lorraine recipe fromClaudia Roden's 'Picnic' with her pastry recipe. It is very rich and needs salad to balance it out. But is excellent cold too - I have just had it for lunch!

I also might read today. Yesterday I received the latest copy of 'Hortus', which is a wonderful quarterly journal published by David Wheeler and Simon Dorrell who garden in Herefordshire. gave me a subscription for my birthday last year. I have been reading it for years, but some years I don't subscribe, so there are gaps in my collection - but I always imagine that I might buy backcopies - one day! This lastest edition is a northern hemishere 'Winter' one - a bit bizzare reading it in so much heat - but the articles are great. I have already finished the one on Ian Hamilton Finlay at 80, and am looking forward to the ones on Luis Barragin's garden and Catherine the Great's passion for gardening.

Hortus are also doing a New Year's Day flower count on their website. I am interested in participating - but is a garden in Melbourne eligible?

Also apologies for the picture quality - the only digital camera I currently own is my mobile phone - so will have to save my pennies and upgrade as soon as I can!


Blogger melissa said...

i love caesin needles,.. the feel when your knitting with them is lovely .
my husband didn't understand why i cried when i snapped my 4.50 mm ivore one ,.. my particular favorites .
i'm waiting for my slow little wool shop to obtain some dpn .. and i cant wait .!
anyway welcome to the ring .

5:43 PM  
Blogger Susan George said...

Thank you for the welcome

6:22 PM  

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