Friday, January 11, 2008

Late at night - hot again

So, to fill in the time until exhaustion beats discomfort and I decide I can finally go to sleep, I'm blogging.

I'm just starting to think about new knitting projects for 2008 - on the To Do list so far are:
  • socks;
  • jumpers and cardigans for Mr S;
  • tea cozies;
  • knitted toys.

I recently bought some beautiful soft organic baby wool in a silvery browny grey (4 ply / sock weight) to knit Mr S a jumper of some kind. It comes from Mr S' Steiner teacher at Morningstar Crafts. It's just lovely to touch. I think I'll make him some kind of textured jumper - maybe a Debbie Bliss style fisherman's jumper?

I recently found this sock pattern via a link in a Knitter's Review article about the new Green Mountain Spinnery sock yarn (I just love her yarn reviews - really useful). I'm very tempted... but equally this sock pattern (Leaf Lace Socks) over at Tiennie's is really delicious too. Oh, the agony.

And do I make Mr S a pig, or an elephant or a lion??? I just love this lion from the V&A knitting website:

In gardening news: excitement reigned this evening when I got home - finally the Alpine Garden Society seed has arrived. Not that it's planting weather yet - far too hot - but all that potential wrapped in paper just waiting to get loose. As usual I ordered an eclectic mix of species - Digitalis, Paeonia, Lilium, Fritillaria, Erythronium etc... Bring on cooler weather!

And I know this looks like one of those dodgy UFO photos that turn out to be a Frisbee on a string, but REALLY this is a frog on the other side of the bathroom window. I have been hearing them sing BONK BONK BONK for a few weeks every night. To see it was a bit of a treat. I think it's a Pobblebonk. You can listen to a recording of its song on the Frog Watch website too.

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Blogger Cindy said...

... just to say, knitting is a very therapeutic pastime which I too enjoy very much. I've enjoyed my trip around your Blog! Cindy in Suffolk, England.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous tiennie said...

I know the dilemma of having so many things you want to knit! Thanks for the nice words and linking to my socks!

9:14 AM  

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