Sunday, May 27, 2007


Well, it's a few weeks since I posted. Life's been 'out of control' busy. Nothing disastrous, just busy. Every time I thought about blogging something happened to prevent me!

There has been slow progress on my projects. But finally the red rib cardi is almost finished. I just need to sew it up.

I don't think I will ever knit this again . I'm pretty sure I'm going to like it when it's finished BUT at the moment - Mmmmmmm. I just HATED the endless rib - rib - rib - rib - rib - rib - rib [well you get the idea].

I've also finished knitting the teal and orange hoodie, but it's half sewn up and in a state of visual disarray, so no picture til it's done! Hopefully very soon.

And now that I've finished knitting two items, I've allowed myself to cast on a couple of new things. I don't have strict rules about how many items I can have on the go at any one time, but one is not enough (I need to be able switch projects if I get fed up with something); two or three is manageable; and once I get to four or five I'm starting to feel out of control.

This winter hat for Mr S uses the Benambra Blue yarn that I bought at the Red Hill Show in March. It feels beautifully soft. It's a mix of wool and silk. It has some imperfections (fluffy slubby bits and some variations in thickness), so it suits a more rustic design. You couldn't knit the perfect twin set with it!

And this is the start of a cardigan for Mr S using Jo Sharp's DK Silkroad Tweed in navy. It's difficult to see the pattern, but it's a variation on the basketweave pattern. Mr S is in DESPERATE need of a navy cardigan. I'm hoping I can whiz this one up a bit more quickly than the two months it took to knit the red cardi!

On the domestic front:

Autumn in the garden is in full swing. These yellow kniphofias flower every year at this time. I have other kniphofias that flower during summer and winter. The leaves are turning colour and I'm feeling a bit sad. I love autumn, it's beautiful, but it feels like everything is dying. AND it's almost dark at 5pm!! YUK.

Mil seems fine. Her illness is a total mystery. The specialist vet has asked that I make contact with him at the end of May and suggested doing the heart tests again in a few months. The pictures are The Mil outside in the street. She loves going out side our house; it's a real treat for her. All the doggy smells. She can spend a long time with her nose firmly pressed to the ground!

So far Mr S is doing well with the introduction of food. The Organic Cookbook is a gem. I've cooked 'First Vegetables' and 'Cheesy Potato' - both delicious (even if I say so myself).

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Blogger Taphophile said...

So pleased you are all well. Love the Jo Sharp navy yarn for a cardie.

9:38 AM  
Blogger kgirl said...

Isn't endless rib just tedious??! I'm sure it will be all worth it tho' ;)
The little navy cardigan looks lovely too, and I'm glad to hear your dog is doing better - fingers crossed it was just something that has passed.

1:43 PM  
Blogger Grandma Flea said...

I'm so glad that Mil is better - it's amazing that the vet could find no cause - but then dogs are like babies - they can't tell you where it hurts.

The little blue cardie looks beautiful - I love the colour and pattern and I'm sure you'll love the red one when it's being worn - how could you not when Mr S. is in it! But I agree about rib I'm knitting a pair of knee length 4 ply socks at present (from the UFO pile) and it seems like I'll never get to the heel.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous tiennie said...

The projects are lovely. So glad that Mil is doing well.

4:10 PM  
Blogger m said...

I love your hot pokers .I bought a couple of mini yellow green ones at the end of summer ..UNfortunately they didnt survive ...heat and cattle raids !!
Good luck on the boys jacket ........

9:05 AM  
Blogger sue said...

The cardigan looks great in that dark blue yarn. I like the hat too. I hope your dog gets better soon, it is horrible when they are ill. I love the red baby cardigan, and I am knitting one in yellow and the ribbing does go on forever doesnt it.

8:25 AM  

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