Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Stuff

We have had a very Christmas orientated week.

Mr S' Christmas concert on Tuesday - watching 2 year olds singing 'Jingle Bells' is very amusing indeed! Organised chaos at best.

On Wednesday, Mr S' grandmother (who still does volunteer teaching at the local primary school) had her Christmas concert. Robert took him. They had a lovely time.

And then on Friday the mandatory visit to the city. We caught the train. Everything about trains is fascinating for Mr S - even waiting on the platform.

The Myer windows were fab. This year the theme is 'How Santa Really Works' - based on the Alan Snow book of the same name. Mr S loved it. I bought the book for him a week earlier and we have been reading it. Although much of the detail is too complex for him, he understands the basic concepts.

Then we visited Santa. Followed shortly afterwards by Mr S falling asleep.

It was a big day.

We still don't have a Christmas tree and I'm only half way though my shopping, but things are pretty under control.

I'm also pressing on with the orange aran hoodie for Mr S. Nearly finished the back. Looking good. Photos soon.

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