Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Cake

Well together Mr S and I chose a cake.
It was the three layer chocolate cake that is on the cover of Kathryn Kleinman's 'Birthday Cakes' (see post below).
Wow, it's a rich cake. 10oz /375g of butter, 23/4 cups of brown sugar, 11/2 cups of cocoa, 3 eggs... and it tastes wonderful. It's the darkest chocolate cake I have ever made. Almost a devil chocolate cake. The frosting wasn't quite as successful. I don't know what went wrong but I was way too sloppy. And as you might see from the picture, the assembly didn't quite happen as I had imagined. Partly because I was rushing and had to put it together while the cake was still warm, partly because of the frosting and partly because in the rush I broke the middle layer in half when I picked it up - oops!
Still, despite the visual challenge, it was pretty good to eat! I just looked at it and laughed at the slightly askew presentation!
Anyway, birthday cake is about taste and love. Right? There was lots and lots of love that was mixed in to it - so it must have been good.
Oh, and the candles were a hit! The first time Mr S has tried to blow out candles. He was mesmerized.

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Blogger Seona said...

Still think it looks fabulous! Happy birthday to Mr S

11:49 PM  

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