Sunday, June 01, 2008

17 Colours

Seventeen colours!

I've finished the first colour repeat. Four more to go!

I figure that five repeats will give me about 180 - 190 cm in length.

I have several other 'nearly finished' projects banking back. All requiring sewing up and finishing. My least favorite part of making anything. I think because I don't rate my needlework skills very highly, so I'm usually fairly tense when I pick up a sewing needle. Generally not a good start to enjoying a task.
Never-the-less, I've finally finished the renovations of this simple Debbie Bliss jumper, which uses four strands of Marta's Yarn 2ply merino.
I knitted the jumper last year for Mr S. I made the 6mth size, but it never really fitted him properly. Too wide, arms too long. So he wore it once or twice only.
Now that it's getting colder, I'm looking at what jumpers Mr S has for this winter. I tried this jumper on him and width wise it is perfect, as is arm length. But it was ridiculously short. So I went to Marta's and bought a complementary colour way. I've knitted an extension. About 10cm. And tacked it on to bottom. It looks (I hope) like he is wearing layers.

This is a slightly better representation of the colour, although still not great. The actual colours are far richer. Never mind!

And my swap partner (SueChicago) has received her package. Yah!

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Anonymous tiennie said...

Nice job on the blanket so far! I also like the way you extended the use of the sweater.

4:11 PM  

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