Tuesday, April 29, 2008

knitting goes on

Knitting has a cycle.

You imagine, you choose, you plan, you purchase, you cast on, you experience excitement, you start to see the shape and texture, you get into a rhythm, you dig in for the long haul, you see the end ahead, you finish. And so the knitting goes on and on. Spreading love and warmth.

I've started a new red cardigan for Mr S. He should have it by the end of May, if not earlier. Ready for winter. The back is finished and I've nearly completed the left front.

And here is a detail. It's hard to photograph the red - it's so bright!

The pattern is Sirdar pattern 1682 - it's a shawl collar cardigan. I don't know if the stitch pattern has a name? Maybe some variation on a basket weave? If I had all the Barbara Walker books maybe I could tell you.

The yarn is Shepherd's "Colour 4 Me' 100% wool. It's just basic wool. I don't think it will be scratchy, it's meant to be for children, but it's not super soft. The pattern specifies 4 50g balls of Sirdar Tiny Tots DK. I bought 5 50g balls of Colour 4 Me.

Half way through the back I did the 'Oh my God, I don't have enough yarn' panic thing! I've gone and bought another 3 balls - a total of 8 now. I used 2 balls for the back, so I think 8 balls will do it. These 50g balls are 90m. I don't know the metreage of Tiny Tots, but I guess it has some acrylic in it, so it's probably a lot lighter and therefore has more length per weight.

It is machine washable however. Not that I'm likely to pop it in the machine.

All my knits are handwashed in eucalyptus wool wash. Spun dry. Hung out on an inside line. They all seem to survive the treatment.



Anonymous tiennie said...

It is hard to photograph red. It looks pink, doesn't it? I like the stitch pattern!

8:58 AM  

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