Monday, April 21, 2008

Two and a half years in the making!

Wow, I cannot believe that I've actually finished these socks!

When I found them about a quarter finished amongst my stash I wondered what to do with them. The knitting was all fine, the pattern (just a basic 'vanilla' sock) was easy and I'd only put them down 'cause I'd found myself pregnant and other knitting projects became a higher priority... well what was stopping me?

The question was whether I was really interested in finishing them. Did I have the 'finishing drive' for this project? Or had it cooled? To finish a project, I think you need to be able to remember the thrill of starting, and to be carried along by the rhythm of the knitting itself and the momentum of completing finishing milestones of course!

Well ,they were a special request from Robert - some blue socks. So I kind of felt obliged to meet my commitment. And what else was I going to do with them? They were useless left as they were. If I wasn't going to finish them, I might as well be honest and just throw them out. Well I wasn't prepared to do that, so I did the only other thing possible... put my head down and finished them!

They are made from Sirdar's "Town and Country" Sock Yarn - wool and nylon mix. The yarn's ok. Not the softest sock yarn I've used, but nothing wrong with it. But I choose it for the colour - and that's perfect.

Big BIG BIG BIG Hurrah!



Blogger lisette said...

well done! which recipe did you use?

8:16 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Thanks! Used Fleece Artist's 'Basic Socks' pattern - it came on th. e wrapper of their yarn (which is super delicious!). I changed the heel flap to moss stitch and made them slightly bigger - 72 stitch cast on. It's a good basic pattern.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous tiennie said...

Hoorah on finishing! Great job!!

7:16 AM  

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