Friday, January 25, 2008

"Look Mum I can crochet!"

I have made a number of abortive attempts at learning to crochet. It's something I really want to be able to do. But so far I've never stuck at it... well this time "things are going to be different"! (no really they are... really!)

I've done a test 'swatch' (no claiming that it's a square) to make sure I could do it, and now I'm going to start on a Ripple Blanket.

They seemed to be all the rage last year. Yarnstorm and Posie Gets Cozy did particularly good jobs. I desperately want one.

I have made 416 chain stitches (I hope). The finished blanket should measure about 160cm wide if my calculations are accurate! And in 400 years time it should be finished (only kidding - I really hope).

I'm waiting to go to Sunspun next week to buy more yarn for Leo Lion (one ball wasn't enough to complete the body - close, close I repeat, but no cigar) and Plum Pudding Tea Cosy (one ball wasn't enough to finish the tea cosy either) Damn, dash and bother - don't you hate that? I'm certainly very irritated.

I tried to be conservative and not over buy (which is what I usually do). I didn't want to have inconveniently small amounts left over that I couldn't really use on something else (what do you do with a single unused ball? Put it in the stash is the only use I've ever found). But that frugal attitude means that I now have to travel back up to town and use half a tank of fuel to buy the extra I need! (Idiot!!! Double idiot!!!!).



Blogger lisette said...

halve that idiot cry and halve it again - i can come with you and we can have an expedition :)and maybe check out amitie or pacthwork on central park or wondoflex or or

thank you for underbuying :)

12:54 AM  

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