Friday, January 11, 2008


Reading Peasoup tonight prompts me to share my own frustrations about the heat, January and the stupidity of people in general.

OK , I live in a 'tourist' area, so I guess I should just accept that people often leave their brain at home when they go on holidays. I should just get on with it. Right? I usually don't venture into places like Rosebud, Rye or Sorrento at this time of the year. It's hell. Better not to see what's happening.

But today I needed to go to The Sewing Box in Rosebud, so I weakened and went to the supermarket too (rather than drive some where 'safe'). OMG.

While I could recount many many many acts of utter rudeness and general stupidity, the highlight today was a 30 something male who drove out of the supermarket carpark the wrong way down the main shopping street so he could circle back into the carpark without going the long way around the block. He had to edge his way past cars going the right way. In disbelief, as he edged his way towards me, I flashed my lights at him. He wound down his window, so I wound down my and said "You're going the wrong way mate", to which he replied "So". Guess it summed up the situation perfectly.

I think I feel better now. Thanks for listening.


Blogger kgirl said...

hey, you're back! just by chance I checked in, and here you are!

how's the rude-ness of the tourists, eh? they'll all be gone soon!

Are you entering Red Hill Show this year?

10:42 PM  

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