Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A parcel

I love receiving parcels.

When I agreed to participate in the 'Swapping Susans' activity, I think the prospect of receiving a box in the mail was one of the primary motivations. That, and perhaps making a new friend somewhere out in cyberland.

The rules: a minimum of 200g of yarn and something local. Sounds simple, but oh the agony of trying to choose something for someone else, when you only know fragments about them. The questionnaire helped but it only goes so far.

I received my swap partner's box in the mail last night. Thank you SueChicago aka Sue Who Knits.

In my parcel:
  • two skeins of Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sock Yarn in colourway Pilsen
  • a skein of Mountain Colours Bearfoot in colourway Soap River
  • a mug from a LYS
  • an embroidered button
  • some handmade earrings
  • map of Chicago and key sites marked and a postcard
  • a letter explaining everything.

Everything in the parcel was wonderful. The sock yarns are the 'right' colours, the earrings suit me, the button and mug are great. A got a great deal of pleasure reading Sue's letter and map. I really appreciated the time and effort she had put in to assembling something for someone that she didn't really know. Even if she had known me for years, she couldn't have done better.

Now all I have to do is hope that her package arrives soon and that she likes what I have sent!

Here are some pictures of my booty

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Anonymous tiennie said...

Great swap! Enjoy your goodies!

6:45 AM  

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