Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Well, I'm on to my twelfth colour. I think it's looking ok this time around.

But nothing is ever straight forward. I've now got a tension problem. The first six colours were done during summer, when my hands were hot and the wool didn't slide smoothly. So the tension is tighter. Now that it's cold, well the yarn's flowing freely and the tension is looser. Mmmmm.

Progress on other projects is steady:
  • Mr S' red cardi has a sleeve and collar to do - and then it's finished!
  • Leo Lion is sewn up, I need to to the finishing touches - embroider the face, sew on a tail and ears - and then it's finished too!

I've started a new winter hat for Mr S. It's from Zoe Mellor's "The Bid Book of Kids' Knits - 50 designs for babies and toddlers". It has ear flaps and cables.

Zoe Mellor's book is fab! There are lots of great patterns including a pirate jumper and a puppet theatre, with hand puppets.

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Anonymous Frogdancer said...

You keep going with that thing! I knitted an afghan that I whinged and moaned about all the time I was knitting it... it's too hot, it's too big, when is this thing ever going to end, etc etc.

It's now on my bed and it's toasty warm. I'm really glad I did it.

5:10 AM  

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