Sunday, January 01, 2006

More holiday knitting on New Year's Day

Well yesterday was ugly - 42.9 deg C. What did I do? Nothing much!

But I did progress the All-in-One Bear Suit. I have completed the hood and edging - next step the button bands. Thank you to Lisette's "Gnessing Box" (see Textile Seahorse) for the balloon!

Also my brother, Ben, came around for New Year's Eve and showed me how to put pictures in my side bar - so now I can show you what I am reading.

Today its raining and much cooler - 19 deg C according to the 2pm ABC Radio News. My garden is loving it - but it means another day in doors for me.

Knitting Needles - I broke another 'Pearl' knitting needle yesterday - the ends are the structural weakness. The needles are made of smooth plastic that covers a metal insert. The point at which the metal finishes is a weak point and I keep bending and snapping them. But I love knitting with them - so I will keep buying them.

The other needle types that I like are bamboo and casein ones. Wool Baa in South Melbourne stocks casein needles in a tortoise shell look - I am so in love with these needles and am gradually collecting the complete range.

New Year Resolutions? - well I have a couple - but my textile related one is "I am going to learn how to crochet this year"! I would love to make some crochet flowers and maybe a rug. My paternal grandmother died last year (2005). She was an accomplished craftswoman, winning many prizes at the Royal Melbourne Show over the years. I feel lucky to have two of her crochet rugs, which I currently have on my bed - she handspun and dyed all the wool as well!

And lastly a bit of nostalgia - which is kind of appropriate on New Year's Day (a time of reflection).

Here is Chewton and Robert a number of years ago at Rob's parent's Boatshed. Chewton loved the beach (you couldn't use the 'B' work around her) and we have had some great times there.


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