Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Friendship Tree

A few days before Christmas my office had its Christmas lunch at a pub on High Street, Northcote. I'd only driven down High Street before - never stopped. It's a bit of a find. The new Brunswick Street. All types of interesting shops and eating places are popping up. The kind of quirky places that used to make Brunswick Street interesting, but are now being forced out because of high rents.

One place in particular caught my attention, The Friendship Tree. It sells Steiner inspired toys. Lots of wool felt and wood. They also sell some craft books and wool felt to make your own creations. Two types of felt in fact - machine and hand made - in really good colours.

I bought a book, Feltcraft: Making Dolls, Gifts and Toys by Petra Berger, and a family of little pink pigs for Mr S. He adores them and has played with them quite a bit.

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Blogger lisette said...

i was there the week before with e! isn't it a great shop - there's a knitting shop further up the hill too and another good toy shop across the road.

we should have an afternoon explore :)

12:23 PM  

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