Saturday, January 24, 2009

I am obsessing about my yarn stash at the moment...

When I started knitting again I declared that I would not 'stockpile' yarn. I'd buy something, knit it and then buy something else.

But it doesn't work that way. Knitting is about imagining new projects. It's what keeps me knitting (apart from the inner calm it brings once you are submerged in the rhythm, oh and the end products!).

Imagining the new, leaves you vulnerable to temptation. I could explain it as a formula:

yarn temptation (new/ different/ interesting yarn, on sale yarn, yarn you have always lusted after) + money = more stash

In psychological terms I could dub it the 'Bower Bird Phenomena'

As one of my new year resolutions, I did a quick review of what was actually in my stash... OMG. I've pulled out yarn for at least 4 jumpers / cardigans for Mr S, which if I don't knit for this winter I won't have enough yarn to finish the project... Sound familiar?

At the same time as talking to my self about self discipline, hair shirts and a bit of self flagellation for breaking my original commitment, I was tempted... again. Here is how far I fallen in January.
I walked past Cleggs on Elizabeth Street. Big mistake. They have a big sale at the moment. I guess I don't really need to say any more... but just to demonstrate the complete lack of self will I showed, let me out line exactly what I bought:
  • blue mohair for a cardigan
  • 8ply Cleckheaton Country for a cardigan and a jumper
  • same 8 ply for two toys: a farm and little animals; and a donkey

And then I passed the Mornington Wool Shop's sale table (which I always give the once over), I noticed 8 balls of oxford grey wool in 12 ply. Mmmm.... another great cardigan for Mr S in the making... so yes I bought that too.

And then I visited The Sewing Box in Rosebud... grey Jet for a long jacket for winter, red Jet for a mobile phone purse and tea cosy, and Heritage Alpaca in creamy white for a scarf...

I'm completely insane.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're not insane, you're thrifty! Look at it this way, yarn, stored properly, doesn't go bad. You can use it as insulation if you store it against outside walls. The cost of buying yarn will only go up, so it is an investment against inflation. You can always sell it on Ebay. And most importantly, she/he who dies with the biggest yarn stash wins!!

Wooly hugs from the US!

12:05 AM  

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