Saturday, August 06, 2011

Helleborus orientalis

Winter in the garden is one of my favorite times. I think because so many plants are asleep, it can appear as if times are lean. I think that that focuses attention on any flowers, berries, coloured leaves or interesting shapes that are on display. Whether it is the architectural framework of a deciduous tree or the flowers from winter bulbs.

I have been enjoying Galanthus sp, Iris reticulata, species Hyacinth and various Narcissus hybrids.

But one of my favorites is the hellebore. I grow many different species, but the Helleborus orientalis hybrids are the most eye catching. I have been picking a few of the flowers and bringing them inside to float in bowls.
While many good varieties are now available, mine mostly came as plants from Ian Collier, Peter Leigh, Otto Fauser or from seed from Jim and Jenny Archibald and Blackthorn.

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