Saturday, August 21, 2010

Election Day in Melbourne

Election Days are some of my favorites...

In Australia, unlike the US or the UK, they are always on a Saturday. And unlike almost anywhere else in the democratic world, we have compulsory voting - well compulsory 'getting your name ticked off the roll' anyway!

All across the nation at schools, churches and other public places there were election booths. They often have a fete like atmosphere! Small stalls selling trash and treasure, jam, backyard produce, cakes... all a delight!

At our local booth, Mr S spotted a game in the trash and treasure stall. We are now the proud owners of "Crazy Crab' for the grand cost of $2! It is such a fun game. I foresee hours and hours of fun!!

And now at 9.30pm at night, I am sitting watching the election coverage on the ABC. God I love it!!! It is such fun watching the drama as the votes are counted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crazy Crab looks great! Almost worth the compulsory voting just for it. I wonder what delights will await Mr S at the polling both during the State election in 3 months time!!!

11:22 AM  

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