Friday, June 18, 2010

I love winter...

Well, I love winter... sometimes, to be more accurate.

I have spent the last day or so moaning about how cold I am... but I went out into the garden today and all that cold weather has triggered a winter collection of wonders.

the first of the winter Galanthus

I am a bit of a galanthophile... I am tempted to say 'snowdropper' but it wouldn't be accurate. Funny thing is, I didn't know about snowdroppers until I became interested in galanthus... the things you find out!

Winter Cheer is one of the oldest Kniphofia's in cultivation. I love the other common name 'Red Hot Poker'. I would sometimes give anything to be able to poke some people with something red and hot. I have a list of people in my mind who could quite frankly do with a damn good poke. It conjurers up the images of medieval torture... Can you tell I have had a difficult week?

I also found the last of an autumn flowering clematis called 'Freckles' for obvious reasons.

The seed heads are just forming and in a few weeks they will be fluffy balls of woolly charm. I think clematis has a split personality. On the one hand the flowers are very serious and elegant, and on the other the seed heads are full of fun. Any way the progress of this plant from flower to seed is delightful to follow, and in the middle of winter something to look forward too.

I also found this Angel's Trumpet - I just can't remember off hand if it is a Datura or a .... something beginning with 'B'... I will come back and edit the post when I recall the name, which is bound to be later tonight. I am very fond of orange in winter. I dislike it in the garden during summer. At that time of the year I want cool colours... but in winter I love a warmer palate.

(Edit: Brugmansia sanguinea - told you I would remember :) )

Lastly I found a lovely little pot of Cyclamen coum. Last year this little pot was crammed with flowers. It is just too early to tell what will happen this year. The flowers are just appearing. But they are very sweet.

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