Saturday, May 22, 2010

My New House

I am in the process of building my first very own house! I would like to tell you that it is exciting, but in fact it is a deeply worrying process.

I want it to be beautiful. I want it to be comfortable. I want it to be a home.

But at the moment, what I have is a set of expensive and fairly boring problems that have to be solved before I can move in... getting the septic wired up and connected (pipes from the house to the tank and electrical pump not included in original quote), storm water (nobody mentioned that where I am building doesn't have a storm water system, so each house needs to have it's own), retaining walls, gas and telephone connections... the list is endless (and I haven't even mentioned the non-essentials such as fencing, a front gate to keep Mr S inside, or a made drive way.... GULP)...

And then there is the inside - carpeting or other flooring, curtains/blinds, light fittings, flywire screens, security door and locks... all not included in the house contract... DOUBLE GULP...

I just feel like everything is extremely out of control at the moment.

I was in Laura Ashley yesterday, dreaming about how I would like my new living room to look, and I saw they had a competition to win a new living room make over... so I have entered!!! I never win anything, so I don't actually hold out any hope... but it is nice to dream...

This is the photo that I submitted of my new living room. At the rate things are going, it is destined to remain like this for some time to come!

I am really missing my old furniture. Most of it is currently packed away in a storage facility as my current house is so small, and Mr S needs some room to play and whizz about.

I can't wait for it to be unpacked. This blackwood side board was owned by my grandmother. I think it is probably about 90 years old and is in need of restoration. But I love it very much and can't wait to get it back. :)



Blogger lisette said...

wow! how exciting and scary :) will send you lots of winning vibes. the house looks lovely xxx

11:20 AM  

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