Sunday, January 25, 2009

Red Felted Phone Purse

I wanted to know if Paton's Jet (12 ply Wool / Alpaca - 16st in 10cm) would felt. I was just going to just knit a test square, then I thought why not make something small and useful instead? I have always wanted a little purse to keep my mobile phone and headset safe and together. So that is what I knitted.

I cast on 24 st using 6mm needles.

I knitted the first 6 rows as garter stitch, then changed to stocking stitch. I knitted about 38 - 40 cm in stocking stitch (you can adjust the exact length to fit what you are going to put in it - allowing for shrinkage when the item felts. Width wise this purse would also fit my camera, but I would probably knit another 10cm in length). Then I knitted another 6 rows of garter to finish.

I sewed up the side seams using mattress stitch leaving approximately 7 cm for the flap (but you can adjust this too). Then I crochet two loops for the buttons using chain stitch - about 10 stitches. I sewed the loops on.

Then I washed it in the machine. I put it in with other things to help felt it more quickly. This only took one wash, but different yarns felt at different rates. I have run some yarns through the machine more than 6 or 7 times. Just depends...

Then found some suitable buttons that fitted the felted loops, sewed them on, and it was finished!

No more scratches on my phone!

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Blogger lisette said...

gorgeous colour :)

btw i have a blog award for you over on my blog


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