Monday, April 19, 2010

My Saturdays

Every Saturday I do the same thing...

The rhythm and the constancy is a comfort. So much in my life is like a rollercoaster. To have something simple and repetitive... ah, the relief...
I wake up. Have breakfast and a cup of tea. Listen to music, read the paper, surf the internet.
Then I go to pilates. There is a lovely studio in Mornington, staffed by physiotherapists. My teacher is excellent - both supportive and encouraging (important for someone like me who lacks balance and coordination!!) and she pushes me along! Compared to where I started, I can see a vast improvement in my ability and strength. And surprise surprise... no more back pain! Miracle.
I do have to laugh to myself though, every time I use one of these machines - a 'reformer'! lol
Afterward, lunch!
Mr S and I nearly always go to the same cafe, called Coffee Traders. It is tiny, but they do good coffee.

... and we pretty much order the same thing week to week: latte, old fashion lemonade, banana bread toast and tomato and avocado toast. (Have I ever mentioned that I like toast?)

Later we go shopping - I love walking up and down Main Street (even the name is a killer!).
Homewares (even someone who sells Cornishware - one of my favorites).


yarn, clothes, jewellery, sheets, lingerie, books, flowers, food... what more could a girl ask for?

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