Friday, April 16, 2010


Mr S and I had a lovely morning in Sorrento today.
We had morning tea at "'The Baths" restaurant, right on the foreshore. It's a nice place - even if they did burn the coffee. They got the cake and lemonade spider right! We sat and watched the ferry leave for Queenscliff and then walked over to the Bandstand, and then onto the pier where the ferry docks.
By the time we got there the next ferry was arriving, much to the delight of Mr S. We watched it back in and disgorge its load of trucks, cars and pedestrians.

Walking back to the car, we saw spider crabs and tiny fish swimming in the water. A very gentle and rewarding morning.

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Blogger lisette said...

welcome back! sounds like a lovely way to spend some slow time, just being together xxx

9:21 AM  

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