Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Briars

Mr S and I went for a walk in the woodland at The Briars today. It was a cold day, only about 13C, and we didn't go far. Less than a kilometre there and back. We visited two bird hides, didn't see much however, just one lone duck swimming on the lagoon in the wetlands.

Prior to starting off, we swung by the Visitor Centre and got a very friendly reception from the Ranger on Duty. She spent some time with Mr S, showing him the stick insects she had on display and the 3D model of the property, including the route of the walk she recommended for us. There was a stuffed wombat and live long necked tortioses too, both of which captured Mr S' imagination. Particularly, as we are reading Wombat Stew at the moment.

Although I tend to think of these things as a bit naff, seen through Mr S' eyes, it was very exciting.

I loved this lichen. It was just dripping from the Meleleuca in one small section. I guess the environmental conditions for it were just perfect in that little spot. It was very wet and very protected from any winds.

On a better day, I think Mr S and I will have another go. Next time I might take his push bike, so when he gets sick of walking I can push him along.

When he gets older I will take him up to the house and see all the Bonaparte treasures. But he is a little young for that yet.



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