Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Do sheep do the splits?

No they don't!

I'd nearly finished my sheep, when I noticed its legs gradually moving apart...

Not good.

Had already had a few goes at stuffing my sheep - difficult to get the balance right - I want sufficient firmness without it looking over stuffed. Because knitting stretches, unlike fabric, getting firmness without distorting the shape is very difficult.

I thought I had achieved this. But clearly not! I looked at it for a day, debating back and forth - could I live with it could I not??? I couldn't.

So off with its head! Will need to knit another one as I've nicked the knitting while unpicking the stitching :(

Let's see if I can do better?!?!



Blogger Di said...

Bummer... I tend to stuff the knitted softies I've made so that they're still quite soft and squishy, which gets around those sorts of problemns, although it can mean they don't hold their shape as well... It's just a matter of trial and error I think.

6:08 PM  

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