Saturday, February 17, 2007

Never rains, it pours!

Bit of an ironic reference given the terrible drought that Melbourne (and the rest of Australia) is experiencing - wish it would pour indeed!

But things do tend to come in groups - or maybe it's just that that is when we notice?? Not sure, but my point is that over the last week or so I seem to have acquired (gosh, just don't know how it happened!) a number of knitting/ patchwork/ craft books. Pouring books...

I've joined the Japanese craft book craze and bought Cafe Kids (IBSN4-529-04332-0) from Amazon Japan. I first saw it on Molly Chicken (who has much better photos - unfortunately my scanner is packed away at present and photographing books doesn't give great clarity - so apologies).

I really want to make the teddy for Mr S. And there's a great wall hanging for a child's room. The only disappointment is that most of the cute clothes are for girls, not boys, and there was no pattern for the little coat with peter pan collar that is pictured in the book. It would have looked great in couduoy on Mr S once he is walking next year.

Then, at a local market I came across a stall with some fab buttons and a pile of vintage patterns. I wish I had had them last year. There are some lovely layettes for newborns which I could have knitted. Never mind, given how hot it's been here he wouldn't have got much wear from them anyway. There are some great patterns for slightly older boys too.

May I introduce you to Colin. Wonder what he is doing now?

... and just in case I thought there was any risk of running out of projects...

Bouton d'Or books have fabulous designs for both boys and girls. And these jumpers, which Mr S would look very stylish in, are sized for 2 - 12 years - so I have plenty of time to get around to knitting them...

And then there are more toys for Mr S!! Huggable Hedgehogs indeed!

And lastly, the Wedding Ring Quilt... I really really want one! Have seen a lovely one hanging on a wall in a children's wear shop in Maling Road. Rationally I know that despite the hefty price, it would just be simplier and easier (not to say very much quicker) to buy it and be done, but I won't. No, I've (someday) got to make this for myself.... and now at least I have the pattern. There are several other quilts in the book, all nice, but not why I bought it.

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Blogger Di said...

Hey that's the Bouton D'or book I have too! the red baby cardi I'm knitting is from it- style #8 Sauge Jacket- except I'm doing a moss stitch edging instead of crochet, and I changed the placement of the raglan decreases to be closer to the seam, and I'll probably only give it a couple of buttons... But that's the pattern!!

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