Saturday, August 23, 2008

Winter Hats

It's been a cold winter for Melbourne. I've been busily knitting, but a bit slow about finishing anything. However, I have managed to complete two hats for my toddler. Ya!!

The first is made from Shepherd's Colour 4 Me in a good strong traditional red. It's 100% wool and knits up well. I used a Sirdar pattern (1682). I've also knitted a matching jacket - I just have one more side seam to sew on that, however it's been at that stage for well over a month!

The hat is nice. I added the stalk.

The second hat is really more of an old fashion 'helmet'. It's a Zoe Mellor pattern. It needs the tie to keep it on properly. It is designed to be close fitting and if not tied on it pops up. If I was knitting it again I'd knitted it a couple of sizes bigger and at least 3 cm longer so I could do away with the ties. I knitted it from Sublime Baby Cashmere, Silk, Merino DK. Super soft, but it does pill a bit. The hat also has a pompom!

I haven't been spending much time in the garden. Too cold and too difficult with Mr S. We did plant some bulb recently (they should have gone in during February!). Mr S now refers to the garden as a sandpit!

Despite the neglect, or maybe because of it there are some nice vignettes that have appeared naturally. Here lie the fruits of the Pseudocydonia nestling amongst decaying leaves.

We are still missing Mil very much. Mr S still asks about her and was very excited yesterday when he saw a picture of a blue heeler. She lives on in our hearts and our memories, but it is still very sad and painful.

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