Thursday, February 14, 2008

UFOs - Out of Control

I'm feeling very very anxious.
I don't seem to be able to finish anything. Alternatively, I seem very good at starting things.
I'm normally pretty good at finishing items. But currently I have seven - that's 7 - I mean IIV - yes, one more than six and one less than eight... seven PROJECTS.
I know that others may well have more. But for me this is (almost) unprecedented.
How did this happen? Not sure. I can rationalize each one, but the real reason I think is that I'm feeling a bit ratty, scatty and generally a bit tatty. I think that this is being reflected in my knitting. I just cannot settle.
I think at the core of the problem is that I've gone back to work part time and I'm struggling with Mr S going into childcare for the first time.
Shown in the picture above is the start of some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino socks. I'm using a combination of the pattern in Debbie Bliss' 'Simple Living' and the Fleece Artist 'Basic Sock' pattern that comes on the wrapper of their merino sock yarn. But I've noticed a very similar cable sock pattern on Black Dog Designs.
The other blue knitting pictured is a jumper for Mr S using Sublime's Baby Cashmere Silk DK. It feels wonderful but doesn't knit up as evenly as wool and easily splits. I also have to make sure my nails are nicely filed, as any rough edges snag the yarn quite easily. The colour is 'Cuddle'!
My Ripple Blanket is progressing - I'm up to colour number nine - and will try to photograph it in daylight over the weekend. I think it's looking OK.
Of the other four projects, the teacosy needs decorations; the lion needs a mane, tail and ears; and the two other Mr S cardigans need some concentration to fix mistakes before I can proceed. Not really likely to happen given my current mood.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

ripple ripple ripple

It's addictive - ripple, ripple, ripple .... Crocheting isn't like knitting. There is a different rhythm. But the in / out movement of the hook is mesmerizing.
I've choosen 13 colours so far, but I'm only up to colour number 6. The driving force behind the project at the moment is wanting to see how all the colours look together. I'm not sure if I'll do a completely random colour pattern or a 16 row repeat (if I repeat it 6 times it should give me 160 cm in length - and then I'll have a square). I might repeat some of the colours as part of the 16 rows? Or maybe not? This uncertainty is part of the fun at the moment.
I'm also a bit taken by this random stripe generator. But so far I haven't found one that I really like. I keep hitting the refresh button to see what comes up next. That's addictive too.