Tuesday, December 28, 2010

so much

I have been a bad bad blogger... yet again... I am beginning to see a pattern!

So much has happened since June.... so here is a potted catchup...

My team at work made cupcakes for the RSPCA Cup Cake Day - we raised $174 - not a bad effort

Mr S had a birthday and I made him a rainbow cake with insane icing - he loved it.

and I finally moved into my house.... unbelieveable!

since then I have been starting the garden.... it will be a long haul.... but at least it is starting to vaguely look like one. It started as a buiding site, with rubble, piles of earth and long grass. A very kind and generous English friend, who was staying with me, mowed, dug, tillered, cut down trees and generally tidied up. Charley, the guy with the excavator, who lives down the street, gave me a bigger flat area in front of the side terrace. I sowed grass seed and have started a vege patch.... still a long way to go.