Sunday, January 27, 2008


Wow! Have I really made a commitment.
Any big project requires tenacity and staying power to complete. Once past the initial excitement of starting, the realisation starts to sink in that if you are going to finish, then you need to settle in for the long haul. For me, the prospect of finishing is ultimately what keeps me going. I make little milestones along the way to keep up my enthusiasm and give myself little rewards. Things like: "the first 10cm in length", "getting to the armhole", "changing colour"... That sort of thing.
This blanket is so big that the mini milestones are really important. There are 32 ripples in every row. Getting to 16 ripples is a BIG achievement! Changing colour every 2 rows? Gosh, that is stellar!!! (Boy, is this going to be a long 400 years).
To demonstrate the size, here are the first 4 rows (with the 5th in progress) laid out along the foot of the bed. I didn't think 160 cm sounded that much when I was starting this project! Think again.
And here is a detail. I'm rather pleased with my first crochet effort. The next big challenge is choosing colours. I've only got three so far. I think I might use my doona for inspiration and also this picture from The Blue Blog.


Friday, January 25, 2008

"Look Mum I can crochet!"

I have made a number of abortive attempts at learning to crochet. It's something I really want to be able to do. But so far I've never stuck at it... well this time "things are going to be different"! (no really they are... really!)

I've done a test 'swatch' (no claiming that it's a square) to make sure I could do it, and now I'm going to start on a Ripple Blanket.

They seemed to be all the rage last year. Yarnstorm and Posie Gets Cozy did particularly good jobs. I desperately want one.

I have made 416 chain stitches (I hope). The finished blanket should measure about 160cm wide if my calculations are accurate! And in 400 years time it should be finished (only kidding - I really hope).

I'm waiting to go to Sunspun next week to buy more yarn for Leo Lion (one ball wasn't enough to complete the body - close, close I repeat, but no cigar) and Plum Pudding Tea Cosy (one ball wasn't enough to finish the tea cosy either) Damn, dash and bother - don't you hate that? I'm certainly very irritated.

I tried to be conservative and not over buy (which is what I usually do). I didn't want to have inconveniently small amounts left over that I couldn't really use on something else (what do you do with a single unused ball? Put it in the stash is the only use I've ever found). But that frugal attitude means that I now have to travel back up to town and use half a tank of fuel to buy the extra I need! (Idiot!!! Double idiot!!!!).


Sunday, January 20, 2008


Progress on 'Leo Lion' (why are they all called Leo and Larry???).
Not yet 'Grrrrr-ing' - but getting there.
Need to get some more yarn to finish the tail and ears, and some darker yarn for the mane. Next week.....
This week, I'm going to start the Plum Pudding Tea Cosy.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

New projects

Yes, yes, yes! I've still got two unfinished Mr S cardigans on the needles, but I'm so sick of them and have to do unpicking and fiddling around with both of them. So, what's a girl to do? Buy new yarn of course!
A quick visit to Sunspun yesterday and 'hey presto' two new projects!
New Project 1 for 2008:

V&A Lion (see earlier post). Knitting it with Rowan's Scottish Tweed 4ply (Sh 018 - Thatch).

New Project 2 for 2008:

Plum Pudding Tea Cosy. I saw a picture of one in an English 'lifestyle' magazine some time ago and have been lusting after one ever since! I've bought a mixture of Rowan Scottish Tweed DK and Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed.

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Friday, January 11, 2008


Reading Peasoup tonight prompts me to share my own frustrations about the heat, January and the stupidity of people in general.

OK , I live in a 'tourist' area, so I guess I should just accept that people often leave their brain at home when they go on holidays. I should just get on with it. Right? I usually don't venture into places like Rosebud, Rye or Sorrento at this time of the year. It's hell. Better not to see what's happening.

But today I needed to go to The Sewing Box in Rosebud, so I weakened and went to the supermarket too (rather than drive some where 'safe'). OMG.

While I could recount many many many acts of utter rudeness and general stupidity, the highlight today was a 30 something male who drove out of the supermarket carpark the wrong way down the main shopping street so he could circle back into the carpark without going the long way around the block. He had to edge his way past cars going the right way. In disbelief, as he edged his way towards me, I flashed my lights at him. He wound down his window, so I wound down my and said "You're going the wrong way mate", to which he replied "So". Guess it summed up the situation perfectly.

I think I feel better now. Thanks for listening.

Late at night - hot again

So, to fill in the time until exhaustion beats discomfort and I decide I can finally go to sleep, I'm blogging.

I'm just starting to think about new knitting projects for 2008 - on the To Do list so far are:
  • socks;
  • jumpers and cardigans for Mr S;
  • tea cozies;
  • knitted toys.

I recently bought some beautiful soft organic baby wool in a silvery browny grey (4 ply / sock weight) to knit Mr S a jumper of some kind. It comes from Mr S' Steiner teacher at Morningstar Crafts. It's just lovely to touch. I think I'll make him some kind of textured jumper - maybe a Debbie Bliss style fisherman's jumper?

I recently found this sock pattern via a link in a Knitter's Review article about the new Green Mountain Spinnery sock yarn (I just love her yarn reviews - really useful). I'm very tempted... but equally this sock pattern (Leaf Lace Socks) over at Tiennie's is really delicious too. Oh, the agony.

And do I make Mr S a pig, or an elephant or a lion??? I just love this lion from the V&A knitting website:

In gardening news: excitement reigned this evening when I got home - finally the Alpine Garden Society seed has arrived. Not that it's planting weather yet - far too hot - but all that potential wrapped in paper just waiting to get loose. As usual I ordered an eclectic mix of species - Digitalis, Paeonia, Lilium, Fritillaria, Erythronium etc... Bring on cooler weather!

And I know this looks like one of those dodgy UFO photos that turn out to be a Frisbee on a string, but REALLY this is a frog on the other side of the bathroom window. I have been hearing them sing BONK BONK BONK for a few weeks every night. To see it was a bit of a treat. I think it's a Pobblebonk. You can listen to a recording of its song on the Frog Watch website too.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas 2007

I've spent some time this year making toddler safe Christmas decorations. Here's a selection - I need to make at least four times as many as I currently have to properly fill the tree for next year - so one of my 2008 projects is already determined.

There are two basic methods: wool felt and embroidery; and knitting and embroidery.

Some of the books I found most helpful were Handknit Holidays, Sirdar's Advent Calendar and Christmas things to stitch and sew.

And my New Year's resolution: buy a better camera, I'm sick of this 'happy snap' version.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Some 2007 knitting

Hats Hats... and...

... more hats...

And the red kimono cardigan (the picture is taken on the Sorrento / Queenscliff ferry).