Friday, January 06, 2006

Learning to Crochet - Part 1

I know I don't really have time for distractions or interesting procrastinations if I am going to achieve my "Challenge Goals" (see previous posts) BUT I have no capacity to resist...

... so I have also been mucking around this week with learning how to crochet (which is my one publicly stated New Year's Resolution!).

My companion on this journey is "The Marshall Cavendish Complete Book of Needlecraft". I love this book - it is both quaint and useful - and also has some really good ideas (despite the uninspiring title and its age).

I was given this book as a teenager (Christmas in 1980) by my Grandma and Grandpa (paternal side). I know most of the pictures by heart and the instructions are good to follow (this is the book that taught me how to control my knitting tension and make gloves!).

One of the things I really Really REALLY want to make (sometime ... lets face it I have had this book for 26 years) is a creamy crocheted quilt made from individal squares.

But first...

... to learn to crochet I needed to use yarn that I could imagine becoming this quilt ('NEEDED' you understand - this is all about inspiration) [Ed Note: read 'wanted' not 'needed' at all!]. At the 'Clegs' Sale (all the yarn was 10% off) I bought a ball of Naturally's Merino/Silk Blend (I know it is ridiculous to practice with something so good ... BUT...)

... and I am on my way (stay tuned for Part 2).


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