Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Recording Mr S' first year

I debated for sometime whether I would keep a diary of Mr S' first year. I didn't want to start and then not finish... so was I prepared to make such a big commitment? I have never been able to keep a diary for any period before... so did I have the ability to stick at the task? Would it be a burden???

In the end I decided 'Yes' I would. My mother kept one for me and I can remember the fascination I had looking at it as a child.

So, what form should it take? I knew that if I made it too difficult I wouldn't follow through. So while making my own handmade book appealed to my aesthetic, time wise I knew it would never happen.

In the end I compromised and bought a pre-made one that has lots of space for free text, photos etc...

And I bought a box to put other bits and pieces in - like both our hospital tags, cards, clothes...


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