Monday, January 22, 2007

So, what am I knitting (Part 2)

Ok, first off, here is the finished jumper

Its a Debbie Bliss pattern, knitted with Rowan Cotton Glaze.

This was my first cotton knitting experience. Because it doesn't have the elasity of wool it is not quite as forgiving about tention and therefore it's more difficult to get an even surface. I haven't washed this yet (one of the rules for Show entries is no washed garments - not sure why? - assume it's because tension mistakes can be fixed by washing and the judges are trying to assess skill???)

The buttons come from The Button Shop in Melbourne's CBD. It's located on the second floor of a fabulous old building - old fashion lifts with doors that you have to close by hand and a wire enclosed lift shaft - one of the lifts even has an operator. The shop itself is a treasure trove of beautiful things.

They also have twice yearly sales where you buy buttons by weight. I bought a bag of these buttons some time ago - if one gets lost I have several hundred replacements!

And now to the other 3 unfinished items...

This is the Jaeger jumper. I have to sew it up, knit the neck band in a contrasting colour and do the front embroidery. It also has a couple of buttons on the back... maybe an excuse for a trip to the city to visit The Button Shop?

From the pattern book, this is how it's supposed to look when it's finished... cute hey? Of course Mr S is much more cute (OMG - I'm turning into 'one of THOSE mothers' already!!!!!).

This is a little blanket / shawl from a pattern on Knitty. I made it using Marta's Yarns 8 ply and Jo Sharp DK.

Here is the backing fabric, which I bought at Patchwork House's closing down sale (the store has recently reopened with new owners). I was going to make red piping, but I bought some pre-done piping at The Sewing Box in Rosebud today. It was on an ancient looking card retrieved from the backroom by the owner and cost 40 cents a metre. For that price I splurged and bought the lot - all 7m! Of course I don't even need half that... but it will come in handy some day...

And here is the sheep.
Knitted with Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed and Classic DK. Next step is to stuff it, sew on the head, then attach the ears and horns! ... and then hey presto, one sheep!


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Oh what an adorable jumper, I love the green. The sheep looks good so far too.

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