Monday, January 30, 2006

Dreaming the Dream

In other words... what new projects can I dream up...

I confessed my purchase of cream Patonyle in an earlier post - now I have the book! Yes I visited The Artisan Bookshop at lunchtime and was very restrained only walking out with one book (oh if I could have I would have ... purchased many!).

It looks fab - but I think you only really know about either recipe books or creative books once you have road tested them.

So while both the 'watermelon' pattern using Gaywool Bush Colours of willow, cranberry and rosemary, or the fair isle pattern using Country Classic dyes in the colours of blueberry, desert rose and maize sound delicious - until I have a go I am not going to know whether this is a good book or not?

Next step - find the dyes (only doubt in my mind is that most dyes won't dye non-natural fibers - and Patonyle has 20% nylon - oh well will just have to see).

Speaking of having to 'road test' books before you know whether they are good or not - I have been using Bill Granger's new book 'Simply Bill' quite a bit - all recipes tried so far passed the 'would I make this again' test.

Last night I gave his chocolate cake a try. I put raspberry jam in the centre rather than more chocolate which I think was a good idea. The icing uses 200g of Haigh's chocolate and 250g of sour cream! Delicious.

Haigh's chocolate, if you haven't been introduced is extra fab. It comes from SA, but there are three shops in the Melbourne CBD - one at the top of Collins Street close to my office. This was the original Haigh's shop in Melbourne I think. It has been there since my childhood. I have memories of visiting the city on shopping trips and going to Haigh's with my mother and grandmother where they would buy pepermint creams and I was allowed one rose and one violet cream!


Anonymous Donna said...

Hi Susan!
You can buy Gaywool dyes at Virginia Farm Woolworks (you can't order online, but they do mail order over the phone)
I haven't used the Gaywool, but I've used the Landscapes dyes on Elann's sock yarn, which is 25% nylon/75% wool, and it worked wonderfully.

10:42 PM  
Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

You can also get the Gaywool stuff from Hawthorne cottage on ebay so you can check the colours out first as she sells a lot dyed wool/fibre using that dye!

8:12 AM  
Blogger Taphophile said...

Socks, wool dye, yeah lovely - but CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH HAIGH'S CHOCOLATE - died and gone to heaven!

1:48 PM  
Blogger Susan George said...

Thanks for suggestions about where to look for dyes. Also good to know that the nylon content may not be a big problem.

Also - don't mean to tease Taphophile - but have now tasted cake and it is totally recommended!

8:16 PM  

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