Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday - Canberra Reflections

I am very fond of Canberra and I love visiting. Today I did a flying visit (literally and figuratively) for business reasons - no time for fun.

But it made me think about the first visit I ever made. I can barely remember it - just a couple of snatches - I was 2 1/2.

It was Easter and we went for a 'Veteran Car Club' Rally.

Veteran cars are those manufactured before 1904. My grandfather rebuilt them in his workshops pretty much from rusty skeletons found in paddocks, sheds and once even up a tree (it had been there for years as the result of a flood). He had two - a red De Dion and a creamy/bone coloured Straker-Squire - but he built cars for others as well. I have vivid memories of his workshops, which housed all types of metal and wood work machinery for building engine and body parts, and always had wood curls somewhere on the floor.

But back to Canberra - for some reason a number of the accommodation bookings including ours were mixed up and we ended up staying in a boarding house - my most clear memories are of my mother's utter appal at the conditions - I think it was the insects that she was most disturbed about - that and the state of the bathroom! The trip became family legend!

These days I enjoy visiting for the National Gallery (some great Arts and Craft silver and 1920s/30s Australian paintings amongst other things), the Australian National Botanic Gardens and places like Calthorpe's House. I am looking forward to a future visit when I can join the Canberra Stitch n Bitch group for a session!

And just for fun - here is another picture of me on the same trip and a picture of my mother at the same age!


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wow shirley temple curls! you ladies sure have a strong genetic resemblance going :)

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