Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday - My Malvern Star and My Brothers!

I loved my red Malvern Star - and yes I love my brothers too - even if at times they made me scream and still continue to at times!

We had lots and lots of fun times growing up with all the Australian backyard pleasures that are the stuff of legend. We had a 'Clark Rubber Pool' with a pool slide, a tree we could climb, a front yard forest where we could have 'secret' picnics, bikes, a billy cart, totem tennis, netball hoop, a long driveway that made a good pitch... we were pretty happy kids and I think we were pretty privileged really.

In particular, I have very fond memories of tearing around the neighbourhood on my bike, zipping around corners, revelling in the speed and the freedom. I can also remember coming a cropper 'a beauty' sometimes - my knees still bear some of the scars.

As you can tell from the photos - I am the eldest child. A lot is written about the meaning and impact of where one comes in the sibling order - I don't think it really matters - although that is probably just the kind of thing that the oldest child would say!

I have often wondered what it would be like to have sisters, perhaps that is why I was so close to my mother and grandmother?


Blogger Lynne said...

I remember my first "real" bike (but I can't remember the colour!). It was a Malvern Star too. I remember learning to ride it, wobbling around the netball court in the school out the back of home. Soon I was riding with my next up sister and we'd ride all over the suburb. Ah, nostalgia.
Now my bike has handbrakes that work, rather than an unreliable coaster brake....

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