Monday, January 22, 2007

So, what am I knitting (Part 1)

Given Mr S' demands on me at present (everyone tells me it gets better) I can only do things in short bursts...

I have 5 unfinished items that I am hoping to put into the Red Hill Show this year... and this is where I am up to with two of them (will post on the other 3 later)

The closest item to finishing is this baby shawl, it's a Rowan pattern knitted with Heritage's 4 ply Baby Wool. I have used this yarn quite a bit, including the two cardigans mentioned in my last post. It's soft, the colours are basic but fine, and it washes well.

To finish, all I have to do is sew on the remaining 10% of edging and maybe knit one more pattern repeat of edging (will have to sew more on to see whether I have enough length yet or not!).

I had intended to have it ready to carry Mr S home from hospital wrapped up in it, but that clearly didn't work out, so it will become his christening shawl.

The next piece is the same as the custard yellow wrap around cardigan shown in the last post (just a bigger size). It's a Jaeger pattern and this one is knitted using Jaeger's 4 ply Baby Wool. Beautiful colours and lovely to knit with too.

All I have to do is finish sewing up one side, sew on the front and neck edging and knit and attach the front ties! Easy... right?

This is the edging that goes around the wrists, neck and front. I found the instructions in the pattern impossible to follow (stuffed it up several times), but I found the same edging in Nicky Epstein's Knitting on the Edge, and her instructions were great.

Despite that, the pattern is fine and great to wear. The pattern book has lots of other fab things including a jumper that I will show in (Part 2). My 'rule' to justify the purchase of expensive pattern books is that I must be willing to make at least two items from it. This Jaegar book, Babies Collection, has past the test!


Blogger lisette said...

the shawl is stunning - a real heirloom! and that's the edging i'm thinking of for the interminable cardigan

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