Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday night bliss!

A good DVD (the BBC dramatisation of Elizabeth Gaskell's 'North and South' - I have seen it once but it is wonderful), a good book for reading in bed afterwards (Jasper Fforde's third in his literary comedies "Well of Lost Plots"- extremely funny and very clever), a box of Haigh's chocolates (pure indulgence!).... and some knitting.

I would usually be looking forward to Friday night crime on the ABC - but they have failed me this evening. Never mind. Hope that once the summer period is over and the ratings period comes back I can have my Friday dose of good crime!

I am half way through the first olive green cable sock. I had a minor panic this morning when I thought that I had made it too small. I don't like tight socks and to cater for the cable I had cast on an extra 8 stitches - but they only just fit. They will be fine, but if I made this pattern again I would put in at least one extra cable. I am also experimenting with moss stitch for the heel and think I will continue the moss with the sole too.


Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Hi Susan - its funny -I'm just looking at your blog and discovered a wierd group of similarities -
I am the eldest and I have two brothers - no Sisters.
I too enjoy Jasper Fforde, although I've only read one.
I'm addicted to Friday Night crime although we've been away for a few weeks I'm behind with what's on.
I'd love a Grace Cossington Smith, Margaret Preston or Ellis Rowan on my walls. I once wrote a paper for my masters on Ellis Rowan. I could do with out the Arkley Though.
I'm a fan of Bill's recipes -Particularly his choc chip cookies and french toast stuffed with peaches from Sydney food.
I use blue and white china in the kitchen. (fake cornishware for everyday) But I do have a collection of new and old cornish ware tea pots, jugs and serving bowls for sunday brunches.
I love brunch - or extravagant long late breakfasts especially pancakes or french toast with fruit and yoghurt.
I'm also fond of canberra and I used to work for an auction house that specialised in vintage cars.
I am also very slowly trying to teach my self crochet.
I once made a quilt with the same square in square block you've used.
I have my grandmother's sewing machine.
I am a vintage knitting needle collector. Unfortuntely you I'm a tight knitter and cant knit with them or they break.
I'm not as good with plants as you seem to be but I looooved the lunch I had with my hubby at the Diggers Club cafe at Herronswood about this time last year.
I'm in the knitting olympics too - eek!!
I have a daughter (not a dog) called Milly.
So there you go - I'm sure there's more not in common but I kept going -oh wow - Oh wow!
Happy knitting! Thanks for commenting on my creative knitting needles. I managed to knit one scarf on jumbo kids pencils and one on two pens joined to gether with string!! :-) Stripey

3:20 PM  
Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Oh whoops - I had no Idea that comment was so long - sorry about the rave on and on...... lol

3:21 PM  
Blogger Susan George said...

Dear Stripey Tiger

Loved your response!

While I am sure there are many differences too - I am also a tight knitter!!!!

Thank you for visiting. And glad that you managed to knit with the pens - a very clever response.


10:11 PM  

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