Monday, March 12, 2007

A bit of fun!

Here's my blog's library card.

Thanks Lisette for the link. Although I think others might have posted on this too??

And here is where you can make your own.

On more serious matters, I have realised that I have eight more days before entries are due at Red Hill. OMG... There is so so so much to do.

It's taken me three days just to pick up all the stitches around the edge of the blanket. Goodness knows how long the i-cord will take. Then there is sewing up and embroidering one more Mr S jumper... And then there are the three other items (two pairs of booties and a tea cosy) that I was so very foolhardy to think I could produce. Dream on McDuff!

I like doing Red Hill for a number of reasons - it's a bit of fun, the Show itself has a quaint old fashion community feel and it gives me a deadline to finish things by.

But I think the deadline gave me a rush of blood to my brain that created momentary insanity last Friday when I handed in my entry form. I didn't actually count the days I had to finish things, but it 'felt' like a long long way a way! I think I've been away from work too long! It 'felt' a long way a way?!?! Gesh!



Anonymous tiennie said...


On p/u stitches - I applaud you! This is probably the least favorite thing for me about knitting.

6:22 PM  

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